Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hate Mail

MARGIE vs. HERBERT (Fargo/Deliverance)

Ok, this is great. Back on November 26th Stephen put up THIS POST on Toby Keith.

Off the cuff, I made the following comment:
“Stephen,don't judge Americans based on the red neck SOB's that lost the civil war.... Those are the people who listen to Toby Keith.:”

Of course for those who know me, Stephen’s blog, my Blog, understand the nature of this comment. Anyway, evidently some lone sole was surfing the internet, likely Googling “Toby Keith”, and stumbled upon Stephen’s Blog. As a result I get the following e-mail this morning from southern belle Audrey Hopper:
“ im responding to a post about toby keith written by andrew not a big toby fan but i am one of those so called rednecks & damn proud to be from the south! you need to shut your mouth about people &cultures you know nothing about.we have a good life down here.we are not the toothless ,barefoot,racist that you cocky ass yankees try to make us out to be & your comments just prove how ignorant you really are. please do us a favor & never bring your stupid ignorant ass to the south because we dont want you or your kind here to demoralize & destroy our beautiful states.dont even vacation here.oh ,one question please, If the south and all us ignorant rednecks are so ignorant then please tell me why your kind of people keep moving down here to retire or escape your filthy crime ridden the way even if we were as dumb as you say,then thats ok because you couldnt last 5 minutes up against these southern men. we are survivors which is something you yankees know nothing about
screw you sincerely,
proud southern belle!"

So I’m thinking, “WHAT”??? Of course I realize these blog conversations aren’t private, but come on - you don't need a keyboard to surf the internet. So I responded as such:
“We were being satirical, but it seems that fact was somehow lost on you.

I do find it interesting that you would feel the need to shoot someone an e-mail regarding a thread on a blog from so long ago. Do you make it a habit of going around the internet fighting perceived southern discrimination? Perhaps if you took the time to understand Stephen's blog, it's content and what he talks about you'd understand. Or even better, stop by, read and understand my blog and understand me. Evidently (I'm guessing) you googled "Toby Kieth" and came upon Stephen's blog, then immediately overreacted. Again, that's unfortunate.

I’d here apologize, but I find no real need to – with your e-mail to me, you seem to be merely feeding into the very stereotype you’re fighting against. Sort of ironic isn’t it…?"

I'll update with her response if there is one.... Or perhaps she'll stumble on by and speak for herself - that would be nice.


  1. Here was Audrey's response:
    "spoken like a true yankee! i dont care how old the post was ,it was intended to insult the south.if yall dont want a fight then keep your satire to yourself.there is no excuse for that mans comment except for insult & hate .dont even play your high & enlightened attitude with have to be totally ignorant to even try to say that was satirical."

  2. I'm not even sure how to respond to this.

    Perhaps I should craft some hate mail to the Coen Brothers for the Movie "Fargo", being that I'm from Minnesota and all. Cuz' surely we don't talk like that here, and surely we're not dumb like that either, hu Margie?

  3. Then she follows up with this e-mail"

    "after reading your blog i realized that you just have a really weird sense of dont really understand what funny is ,your to busy trying to act like your some great intelligent mind.just keep to the things you have the knowledge to speak of.sorta made me feel sorry for you just reading your stuff. i hope somewhere down this road you find something in life that can help you to understand what is & is not comedy"

    Of course I responded that her apology was accepted.

  4. I think it's great that Lurleen a) has one of those fancy typewriters with a TV on it and b) figured out how to type in the big box of the e-mail.

    But seriously, demographic stratification is killing America.

  5. "fancy typewriters with a TV on it"

    I almost pissed myself....

    This is absolutely true; she couldn't figure out how to navigate back to my blog (where of course she got my e-mail from this morning), so she sends me another e-mail asking how to get back to it - all this after just slandering me. Of course I gave it to her, and she then followed up with the e-mail quoted above about my blog...

    "Hey officer" says the robber. "How do I get onto the interstate, I'm in a hurry?"

  6. Well, the whole bit is stolen from Stephanie Miller. I'm not nearly that funny.

  7. I can almost hear the southern accent drifting off the email. Kinda hot actually.

  8. No doubt T.O., she sound kinda perdy.