Monday, November 26, 2012

Werewolves & Zombies

Not to be completely ridiculous (well yeah, to be completely ridiculous) hasn't it ever occurred to anyone that fear is cultural, and more importantly relative to historical cultural backdrops? In the more tribal and communal lives that have been the norm of human existence for centuries, it was always the fringe stranger that was feared most. (weird Google search, don't ask). On the other hand in our modern day overpopulated society where our neighbors are mere objects moving around in our environment, our fear manifests itself in a more pluralist fashion; an essential zombie-land.


  1. Judging by the horror/erotica genre, these days we want to have sex with werewolves and we look forward to the zombie apocalypse because we get shoot zombies before we're eaten.

    Now sure what that says about our culture !

  2. Cracked wrote an article about this a while ago...

    Also, if you haven't watched "Cabin In The Woods," you really should - it provides an interesting spin on this analysis of horror fiction.

  3. Well yeah, Ob, we're not afraid of the mysterious stranger anymore. That mysterious "non-zombie" is the one we want relations with.

    Hellraiser characters are herpes personified, I love it. What about Planet of the Apes?