Friday, February 07, 2014

Automat Kalashnikov 74

Okay, so I’m going to step out of character just a little bit and talk about something more on the personal side. Why, one might ask? Well, I suppose I’d have to say that my excitement in this case has overwhelmed any sensible notion of keeping the blog otherwise non-personal.  On the bright side, I’ll make this pretty brief.

Recently I purchased an Automat Kalashnikov 74 (manufactured by Boker) from BladeHQ, and I have to say that I’m more than overly impressed with the quality of this knife. The quality of the AUS8 steel (which always stands in relation to the manufacturers ability to get the heat-treat and temper right) seems right on; the automatic blade release is smooth (even right out of the box) with a final heavy engagement, just beautiful; the pocket clip is very tight, very ridged, much better than most of my other knives; the handle size seems just right, and I’ve got much larger than average hands; and finally, well, the knife is just so damn sexy with its AK74 bayonet  styled handle and black teflon finish on the blade.

.... Actually wait a minute, I almost forgot. The box, it came in a really cool box too; check it out, it's shaped just like an AK74 clip, SWEET!:

... And here's the knife:

So there you have it, I'm gonna carry the shit otta' this knife. I'm in love!