Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Return of Religion

The Return of Religion

by Roger Scruton

This has some resonance to it…. Came accross it through Stephen Law and James F. Elliot...

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  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    What kind of "religion" is he talking about?

    Is he talking about religion as an expression of self-transcending love expressed as Cooperation Tolerance and Peace.

    Is he talking about the ancient/archaic belief systems that were created long ago in the childhood of Humankind.

    Which are in effect expressions of ancient power seeking nationalistic, tribalistic and ethnic cults---each with their own murderously reasonable demands and intentions.

    Is he talking about religion founded and based on the Understanding that ALL of this is merely a play of Conscious Light?

    Does he even use the words consciousness, energy, light, ecstasy, love-bliss and self-transcendence, when he talks about "religion".

    Is he talking about religion as demonstrated in the lives of the Illuminated Saints which have appeared in all of the Traditions.

    Or is he talking about the absolutist, and hence power seeking intolerant "religion" promoted by Leadership U.