Monday, March 30, 2009

Postmodern Rejection of Absolutism

This was certainly a left-fielder, but was worth the read (if only for a good laugh) - I'll update with my own comments later.


  1. Thought 1:

    This guy definitely seems to be evaluating postmodernism and Rorty with a full cup… Of his own philosophy. It was Yoda that said, “You must, unlearn what you have learned”…

    I get the sense that he views behaviorism as a sort of reductionism which ultimately infers that, in the case of Christianity, it’s simply “made up” and therefore arbitrary. But he’s helping himself to this notion with the full dose of his own point of view and that’s unfortunate. I think it’s made pretty explicit by Rorty that we toss aside the “found vs. made” distinction.

    Christianity is not lost in postmodernism – actually, I think it ends up having a greater richness about it. Of course, many postmodern thinkers may think so – but maybe not.

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Whose absolute?
    Which absolute?
    The kind of absolutism that inevitably leads to the situation described in this reference?

    The last section of which (re Bush and the neo-psychotics) applies very much to the power-seeking mindset that "informs" the LU world-view altogether.

    Of course what the chap from LU doesnt say is that he and his fellow right-thinking religionists possess the truth and that they thus write books with titles such as Total Truth and Above All Earthly Powers.

    And given half the chance they intend to IMPOSE their "religion" on to every one else---claiming that THEY have "gods" mandate and commission to do so.

    Meaning of course that THEIR interpretation of the Bible is the ONLY correct one and that any and everyone with a liberal persuasion is full of relativist errors. As are all other faith traditions.