Saturday, December 20, 2008

Courage & Faith

John Wayne said of courage:“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway”

Life itself, the vary act of waking up daily and facing it is a courageous act; if one is not scared to death, his actions are not guided by courage, but filled with stupidity. If one acts without fear of the uncertainties in life, then his actions are dubious and inconsiderate.

There are two sorts of courageous and faithful men that face the world daily, and those are theists and atheists.

The atheist, whereas he has a witty, tactful character, places his faith in his assumptions; his courage is drawn, if drawn at all, from the bowels of his existential character. i.e. He acts out of the shear will and power of his own character, and whereas this has a certain nobility to it, the will of his own actions can be seen as suspicious. What are the intentions of this loan soul on the battle field of life? What is the dialogue for which he struggles? Could it be that he’s just trying to survive, at what cost?

The theist, on the other hand, places his faith in God; his courage is drawn not from the fear of life or the uncertainty of his existential character, but from the fear of the Lord. His nobility lies in the certainty of his cause, the fruitfulness of his actions, and his courage in the face of all that life can throw at him. His dialogue is that of Christ’s, and he no less speaks it then that he lives by it. When he lives, his lives to the Lord, when he eats, he eats to the Lord, and when seeking courage, he lives through faith and fear in the Lord.

A man with faith in the Lord has more courage, wisdom and power of intention then a thousand men without. This man does not fear death, he only fears the Lord; if not that you would proclaim the Lord you savior, then this man will become your master…


  1. Hey Andrew- just stopping by to say hello. I like your quote from Rorty a great deal. It's one of those concepts that pierces to the heart: it's the relationships, stupid!

    cheers from twilight Vienna, zilch

  2. Zilch, (relative to the conversation that's been unfolding)
    this one will probably hit home as well: (Again from Rorty)

    Truth, Uncertainty and the end of Inquirey

  3. On another note:
    I obviously believe in God, but relative to that statement (in the side bar), I find it useless to define.

    Hence the chracterization of the post I have here.

  4. Thanks- I'll read that when I've got all my Xmas shopping done.