Friday, December 12, 2008

Belief-O-Matic Quiz

I came accross this quiz over at "Masochistic Perceptions, Trials and Truths" and thought it was fun and interesting.

To give it a shot simply click HERE,
and answer 20 simple questions about your beliefs.

Mine came out in the following way:

1. Taoism (100%)
2. Neo-Pagan (96%)
3. Unitarian Universalism (88%)
4. Liberal Quakers (86%)
5. Sikhism (83%)
6. Mahayana Buddhism (79%)
7. Theravada Buddhism (79%)
8. Secular Humanism (77%)
9. New Age (75%)
10. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (71%)
11. Reform Judaism (63%)
12. Orthodox Quaker (58%)
13. Jainism (55%)
14. Scientology (52%)
15. Nontheist (50%)
16. New Thought (46%)
17. Hinduism (44%)
18. Baha'i Faith (43%)
19. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (43%)
20. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (38%)
21. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (29%)
22. Seventh Day Adventist (24%)
23. Eastern Orthodox (20%)
24. Islam (20%)
25. Orthodox Judaism (20%)
26. Roman Catholic (20%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (0%)


  1. Yes, fun and interesting. As I don't know much about the beliefs I supposedly have, humorously enough, I can't say whether my own results were very accurate... how 'bout yours?

  2. Well,
    I don't know what 2, 3 and 4 believe, but of course I'm quite familiar with 1, 5, 6, and 7 and would tend to agree that my religious sentiments follow along those lines of thought.

    I took this 3 times, simply so that I could study the questions and make sure that I ansered them appropriately. Most of them I simply said, "NONE OF THE ABOVE" or, "NOT APPLICABLE", as all the responses contained elements which were rather suggestive and dogmatic.

    In the end it was interesting and fun, not sure that it was all that accurate....

    Not enough questions and too much pigeonholing.

  3. "None of the above" seems an admirable summary of Taoism to me.

  4. Zilch,
    no doubt it is.

    Where ever possible I try to stay away from dogmatism, which means I do my best to not define my beliefs. I say I believe in God, (that I’m a theist) and whereas that’s true it’s not all together that meaningful – which I guess is just the way I like it.

    That seems dishonest, but perhaps I engage in pointlessness to demonstrate that it’s pointless.

    As in the monk who asked the Zen master;
    “Teach me master”
    And the master responded, “Have you eaten your rice pudding?”
    The monk replied, “Yes, I have eaten.”
    To which the master states, “Well don’t you think you should wash your bowel?”