Tuesday, July 08, 2008

(My Boy) Zen & the Childs Mind

I love this picture of my son. It's completely candid, he has no idea I'm there let alone taking a picture. Of course he was just sitting there playing but he looked up for just a second (there was noise or something off in the distance) and I got the shot.

Without knowing any of that though, the picture gives off this idea of meditation, focus, peace, and serenity (for me anyway). You have no idea what's going on. In his head he's perhaps simply in the middle of enjoying the pail of sand he has there, and the piece of chalk he has between his legs when his focus is jolted by something.

I tend to believe that children embody the essence of Zen because they are untainted by the intellect. A child at play is thoughtless outside his/her current actions; they are completely wrapped up in life for life’s sake. At some point in life we realize that we lost something so we run off in search for God. I tend to believe that what we eventually find is not God, but that Child; who somehow knew what life was all about…

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