Sunday, June 22, 2008

Christian Preparedness

Little would be christian boys and girls are told that if they're good all year round, the last day when they lay they're heads to sleep (special note that the bible often refers to death as sleep)........
(Is this God, oh I mean Santa, reviewing the sinners I mean "naughty and nice" list?)

....Then on the last day when you lay your head to sleep you awake to all that your hearts desire, gifts a plenty......

But if your bad little boys and girls then what do you get? You get coal.....

(Santa doesn't look to happy here. You know what coal is good for kids?)

It's good for HELLFIRE! YEAH! So be good you little bastards.


  1. Hey, over from Stephen Law's blog. Just wanted to say you need serious spelling help, man. :) Use "you're" when you mean "you are", and "your" when referring to, "Sye, your argument is ridiculously stupid."

  2. Kyle,
    I'm an electrical engineer not an english major. I can't spell for shit.